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Promoting healthy lifestyles in young people

A programme aimed at promoting healthy lifestyles in young people in the Netherlands, known as #Jeugdimpuls for short, in English #Youthimpulse, started up in September 2012 at the initiative of the minister of Health, Welfare and Sport. Within the framework of this programme, RIVM’s Healthy Life Centre launched a number of campaigns in schools and via the social media aimed at encouraging young people to adopt healthier lifestyles. It is hoped that these approaches will tie in with the  day-to-day reality of young people at schools.

One of the activities  is supporting schools to execute activities aimed at a healthier lifestyle of their pupils. These activities concern various health themes. Also, local municipal health services are financed to collaborate together  with schools   to make conditions at school as healthy as possible. More than 480 primary schools had signed up for the project by March 2013. A great result yielding potentially substantial health benefits for the Dutch children.